Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Hong Kong XXXperience

Thursday, 11 February 2010

After many light years, i've returned to funkyadrys planet and ready to continue sharing you guys my wonderful experiences, thoughts, feeling and wild crazyness!

I wake up everyday and still can't believe i actually got the exchange to Hong Kong! I go to towards the windows of my mega galactic student hall's room and just start drooling with excitement waiting to get molested!!

Everything here happens fast.. i mean speedy gonzales fast!! People eating in 5 minutes the off to work, double decker buses that play formula 1 on the road and even the fishes in the amazing harbour swim so fast that the fishermen who spend hours under the caliente sun, don't even get a fillet o' fish! The fun thing about here is that cooking is optional as it's cheaper to eat out.. One food stall to another , we explore hong kong's varied cuisines!! not forgetting it's wild dim sum dishes that crowded the round chinese table. From sea weed, char siew delicasies to chewing gum jelly fishes and the free flow of chinese tea!! Drinking drinking and more drinking!! ( The healthy way) haha

The university experience is amazing! The joy of going into this super xxxxxxl university building and finding a bunch of funny, friendly hong kong classmates that are ready to open our eyes to a whole new experience! The difference between England and here is that everything has to be CUTE !! The girls are cute, the stuff they use are cute and even the ads they like are cute! It's a cute world!!

One thing that really impresses me about my adventure so far are the people and their strong faith! In this fews weeks, beside acting like good student doing productive work, we have been also exploring everything we can get our feet on and one of them are the temples. The feeling as you get into these big volcanic red chinese temples is unbelieveble.. Not only because your lungs gets high from all the incense being lited up as Chinese New Year is around the corner but to see all the chinese people going there to show their appreciation to the Gods for bringing their wishes to them. I was at Hong Kong's most important temple , Wong Tai Sin, and asked some people there about the chinese religious belief system and what i found out was that, every chinese goes to temples to ask for something and just before Chinese New Year of the next year, they have to return to say Thanks to the Gods. I then got curious about why they burn bulks of incenses and found out it was to feed the Gods as it burns and sometime people even burn paper made handphones, cars, houses, cash to feed their love ones up in the sky!

There's still so much to aborb in this spongy adventure!!

Check out the wild pics!


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