Friday, 28 August 2009

Do Good

Friday, 28 August 2009

Ads today are just getting so out of hand in a positive way! It's not only about promoting a certain brand but to create a certain feeling in the hearts of people ( even if in the end, the person doesn't like the brand) The important thing is that this person got the message!

The new Commercial for Swiss Air really had an important message behind all the nice 2mins video. A message that maybe we would hear from spiritual leader like the Dalai Lama who tries to open an awareness in the minds of the people of today. Recalling them one by one of how they came onto this Planet not to wore in out but to make it a better place for you and for me.

Life is just getting faster and faster. Red bull here, Energy Drinks there and no one is actually enjoying the coolness we have around us in the present moment. It's all about tomorrow. It's funny how people just wanna get younger with all those plastic surgery when the easiest and cheapest thing is to move to Italy, rent a house in the middle of the countryside, have a glass of wine and get a dog. Simple things to make Life fun!

Cammomile is the Key . You can drink it or smoke it but as long as you take loads of it. and like the guy in the video said: We got to return to our origins to rediscover this cool life, making at least one thing in our daily life better than the way we found it.

You do Good, Karma gives you Good.
You do Bad, Karma will kick your Ass!


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