Sunday, 23 August 2009

EU Organic logo Competition

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Nowadays, people are not aware of what goes into their body thanks to the lack of information about the misuse of pesticides used in agriculture.

The idea for the logo is linked to the word ''support''. Many people often attach badges or stickers on their clothes to support a certain cause. In this way, we would like citizens of the EU to support healthy eating. The logo looks like a sticker which is slightly peeling off. The sticker's main shape derives from a circular green world where inside we find a lighter green soil with healthy grass growing in all the same direction. This symbolizes how nature is perfect and if we grow food the natural way, it will be good and perfect for us. The peeling bit of the logo shows the wonderful and energetic colors of healthily grown food (ex. Red tomatoes, orange carrots, purple eggplants, pink strawberries, yellow lemons and the list goes on). This strips of colors all lead to the center of the circle to represent that we should all return to the origin, as people of past generations did by a healthy way of eating. The message we're trying to give is that eating organically grown food not only will surprise us by the big difference in color, texture and taste comparing to normal food we find in supermarkets, but also make us feel good about what we eat and feel energetic like the colors of organic food!


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