Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's not about the toothpaste..

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Today i woke up, looked at the mirror and started to smile. Im not sure if it's because i look like a clown after waking up or maybe it's just a natural routine to open the curtains to allow my teeth to see the wonderful sunlight that shines in , or if you find yourself in England than we'll call it the neon whitelight! haha

Looking closer at the mirror, you'll notice that it's not all about the smile but actually it's about looking within, through the mirror of our souls: Our eyes. Looking within instead of looking without left me understanding more about my self and to explore the inner treaure chest which had been already found but needs to be opened in me. Just as looking beyond an oyster, you'll find what wonders it is capable of creating.

Below is an idea of creating a No-smile Campaign to encourage people to look beyond the exterior of maybe someone's looks or a smile and see deep into themselves and each other because we, as humans, tend to just judge a book by it's cover and leave out the contents within others and ourselves.

Let's break those teeth and look inside!! haha


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