Saturday, 20 February 2010

Happy CNY, Happy You & I

Saturday, 20 February 2010
Last day of the wonderful long university break !! Happy Chinese people who surround the whole Island with their warm, excited hearts as they go to the temples to thank the Gods for fulfilling their prayers from the previous year and ready to dress in their traditional Chinese costumes, Round tables filled with all kinds of wonderful and interesting food like chicken feet popping out of the Chinese bowl. Everyone ready to start the new Tiger year 2010!

The festive season started on the 1st day as we visited a local friend's house and her other friends houses. Sitting happily on the sofa as they kindly served us with 101 plates of typical yummy cakes and unexpected red packets called ''Lai Shi'' which married people give the younger generations as they believe the more you give the more luck they receive! So we went home, that night, with not only a XXXL santa bag full of unforgettable experiences but also with a pocket filled with the weight of many red packets.. Lucky i had a belt, or else many Hong Kong girls would have got an unexpected Chinese new year surprise!! haha

Another very interesting thing that happens only on Chinese new year,besides the Grand Fireworks on the Harbour, is their fascinating Lion Dancing. Two guys get under a lion costume and start doing their lion king thing!! Jumping here and there and finally on their 2 feet, a scroll opens up from their hairy mouths saying GONG XI FA CAI!! which means: Congratulations and be prosperous! The Chinese phrase normally ends with: ''Hong Bao Na Lai'' which means Bring me the Red Packets.. haha Can't say Chinese people ain't smart!

The funniest thing was this morning.. as i woke up with the beep beep sounds of the sms on my phone. I see the words: Happy birthday!! I thought i was living some part of my dreamland movie and found out from my friend that the 7th day of Chinese New Year is the Birthday of Humanity! It's a wonderful to make everyone of us feel united as we get old together!!!

Happy birthday a tout le monde!!


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