Wednesday, 10 June 2009

WMH Live Brief

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

University life of wild creativity has sadly ended and It's time to get creatively sweaty in the mama mia Italy. Our last crit for the year was for WMH. It was a fun last time where all of us (graphic design and advertising students) got together in the same lecture room to make our Live brief groups proud and make Representative Emma from WMH say wow! Mummy mia! Oh my Gosh!

All the groups started to present their ideas, Everyone excited to hear them! Then came our turn, The Creative Orgys! We went up and everyone of us went through parts of the development of our BIG idea! It may not have been big for Emma but to us it had a very BIG potentiality!

We had to recreate the exisiting shop of Jamie Oliver, where people who needed to know how to get dirty with food and make it yummy for the tummy, went there and got taught how to do it.. But looking at the brief we got, it didn't look like Recipease was doing preety well!
We wanted to make it different. Instead of the people having to come to this unique location of the shop. The shop which would come in a truck would go around towns in the UK and let everyone (who wants to get face to face with food) do it!
You might be asking how would we advertise our hungry for food lovers arrival. Ok. We thought of putting vegetable growing out of cement floors to first, attract peoples attention to his unsual sight but also, tell them when they get closer that ''Something New Is Growing in Town'' . All the details of time will be stated too.. and location? it will just where the vegetables are popping out! So no one would get confused especially old people who kinda easily get confused with unfamiliar roads. We want everyone one to get passionate for Food. Old people, young people, Babies, animals.. ok i was joking about the last one.. but maybe in the future Dog owners could come let their dog taste all kinds of food!

Our main aim here was to make food Fun! Who doesn't like fun, put your hands up! The name we chose to replace the boring ''Recipease'' was Ol'over --> ''All over'' the place.. Our truck will be... We thought of a fun way to attract people to Ol'ver.. I was thinking about babies playing with colourful cubes. Pop! Came the idea to make a colourful cube where every door would open and there would be different kinds of herbs ( 6 herbs in 1 cube) with packets of the herbs sold separately as refills. Someone can bring this herb around and choose which herb they desire to have with their dish. If he/she is confuse .. NO problemo! roll the cube and the lucky colour will guide you to the right herb.
For the menĂ¹. Fun continued flowing. Instead of opening a boring menu like a book, Our menĂ¹ actually looks like a disc. You turn it & You see the dishes! Like a wheel of fortune: Winning is fun!


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