Thursday, 4 June 2009

Book time part 2

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Just a day left before i have to return the fantastico Book i borrowed! Oh mama mia!! So much to read, so little time!

Opened the book, and the 1st thing i see is: What makes a truly great LOVE stand out in a brand? Let's see: 1) Mystery (Something unknown) 2) Sensuality (The 5 senses) 3) Intimacy (Commitment, Empathy, Passion)

The most powerful of the 3 is Mystery! Petrol to our imagination. How many relationships actually break up just because the spark got lost somewhere? Let me count.. 1,2,3... Millions!

Ok we're not going to talk about sad relationship where ladies cry and guys go get drunk from the sadness.. No.. We want to know more about this powerful term! Mystery means not knowing the unknown.. and as human beings are super curious, they will want to know it, so this is where the big word DESIRE comes in! This pumps up our every will to make dreams and things come true! As long as people have aspirations and goals and dreams, they will always crave for mystery! Where everything goes beyond rationality!

Its everywhere! Smart brands, ads, Movies, books ecc. use it to get our desire!
Peter Pan, Marilyn Monroe, Lord of the Rings, Dolce & Gabbana and the list goes on.Ever heard of the Visionaire magazine? All it plays with is Mysteryz!

So mystery is : Combining the past, present and future, tapping into dreams, great myths and icons to supplement our idea database. We can see it in words, People get intrigued when they hear a new word in my case Italian, My english friends want to know what the italian word means. When they hear a word in italian, since the meaning is unknown, they tend to like the word!

I noticed that using words from a another language can actually make a conversation more fun and interesting! Try it! (Mamma mia, who's that girl?) haha



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