Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Character Essence Brief

Thursday, 26 February 2009

For “The Character Essence” brief, we had to play investigators and note down everything we can about people we meet, see or know and Play God to create our very own character! I never knew being God Could be so fun!

Sebastian is 50. His black hair is long, tangled and greasy and hung down. You can see his eyes shinning through like he was behind vines. He has a scar on his right cheek that reminds him of that brutal car accident that stole his lovely parents that dark, foggy night on the way to the cinema for some family time together. He was the only one who laughed at his father’s witty jokes and comic personality. Those hard laughs that made you feel hot and reddens your whole face but now there wasn’t any colour on his face. His face was white to make a body sick. His eyes were his mirror to his soul – loneliness, sadness, loss … but if one looks in deeper, he will find a sparkle of happiness and will power.

As for his clothes – just rags that covered him. Rags that came with an odour of dead rats. He loved sitting with one ankle resting on the other knee and with his 2 toes that stuck out of that big hole in his boot, he would wiggle them up and down which made him get a slight tickle that made him laugh for a few seconds.

On dark days, he gets morally sad and turns to a little conversation with God that the nuns had thought him when he was in the orphanage as a kid. This was like a boost to keep him living his life of pain.

He is represented as a fragile egg on top a wall showing that no wall of obstacles could prevent him from living his LIFE with his strong willpower and optimism!


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