Monday, 23 February 2009

2 Words Brief

Monday, 23 February 2009

This was a FUN brief. Working with my team partner Peter, was amazing. Sitting in the library for ages, coming up with the craziest ideas you could imagine! The brief was to create something Creative with the 2 words given to the pair. Our words were: Milk & Bitter

Milk linked to Cows and Cows linked to squeezing Milk.
Squeezing linked to Breast and then we had to bring bitter in so we thought about the phrase: "Bitterness of Life". Something Gone Bad. We were thinking what breast and bitterness could give birth to and ViolĂ  ! Our mission was to create awareness for Breast Cancer.

Our product is suppose to be a new creation of the famous Italian design Company Alessi, who would sell them and for every squeezer bought, 1 Euro is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Why lemon squeezer?
Cause we saw how squeezing a lemon can extract its' bitter- sour strong taste Like in the Real World, If we strongly squeeze to support an important issue , we can make something Bad change for the Good!


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