Friday, 20 January 2012

Creativity is my motto

Friday, 20 January 2012

How many times have we expected to have a nice day with a loved one and suddenly everything goes havoc with a wrong word said that had the power to create doomsday. 
You see the way we use words has a great impact on our life. We can use praise or we can kill, we can create admiration or allude invisibility.. 
"The Dreaming The Same" project that began with a group of students from Complot Escuela de Creativos in Barcelona were convinced that creativity can offer more than just a tool to sell products of brands. The project went worldwide as the team opened it up to anyone who wanted to develop their creativity by helping others. The participant had to design a cardboard sign with a creative copy that would invite the reader to reflect. They then had to give it to a person of their choice and film the entire process. Over two months, the project's website was filled with interesting videos that made a difference. Changing the words on the signboards of the people on the street, brought curious attention to the public's eye and allowed something new about their surrounding to be discovered. 
Creative words used:
“Tu sonrisa me hará más feliz que tu dinero.”
 (“Your smile makes me happier than your money.”)

“Meus sonhos são os mesmos que os teus. Mas eu não vivo só de sonhos.” 
(“My dreams are the same as yours. But I do not live on dreams.”)


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