Friday, 10 September 2010

Catch me if u can...

Friday, 10 September 2010

Have you ever dreamt to be free like when you were a kid and you sat on that electric car that went maximum 10km/h but seemed as it was faster than a ferrari.. You drove it even without a license and you banged into anything in front of you even if mum kept shouting not too. haha

With the new mini tv commercial, Driving has really pushed us beyond boring road rules, the fear to knock some old lady down while crossing the road.. Driving is freedom. No obstacles. I know in the real world, driving can be dangerous but with a little of imagination even a boring road can be fun depending on your car and where your creativity can bring you!!

It's made me laugh how the red mini started dividing itself in a million , overcoming all obstacles and when the driver sees the police, everything becomes nice and sweet.. That's exactly how i drive but shhh.. don't tell no one!! lol

So i just wanna say, Guys and Gerls, Keep your imagination flowing and May no Rules stop you from being wild!


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