Monday, 9 August 2010

Think till you drop

Monday, 9 August 2010

In the world we live in today, most of us are bombarded with news that don't even give us a second to actually think what's happening? We see something, and another and hop on the bus and see something else and we continue living the day, not with what we think but with what others want us to think.

This is where ipods, handheld games and so on come in handy as to distract us from our life. From the moments of what we call boredom. How many times, have we found ourselves in a situation and wishing that you had something to kill the time with. Let's face it, we hate to think.

Economist new ad campaign holds a unique strategy. You see the image, but then you don't get what it's trying to say, so your mind starts to identify the secret code. Below the ads, is a number where you can sms and get more info on the news hidden in the image. It's preety fun and sure does occupy our minds in a fun way and intelligent one too!

Just make sure you don't drive and try unsolving those ads, cause you never know where your car might take you..

Try guessing the images below:

Tigers are being killed for their bones, which are used as a cure for male impotency.

‘Swine flu led to media frenzy, which in turn led to a dip in tourism, as people avoided H1N1 affected countries.


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