Saturday, 6 March 2010

Whisper her!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

For our previous Online advertising brief, we had to find an ad and from there create a online ad for that product that would attract people to click it on a website.

I was kind of lost on which one to choose to i opened a chinese newspaper i found lying next to me and the first ad i got was for Whisper's women pads. I thought it was destiny and started to get wild with ideas!

The idea that won first place in my list was to create a kind of game so that not only girls would click it but guys might get curious and might want to play the game and maybe choose the right pads for their girlfriends.

You open a homepage and on the left there is the Whisper Ad in dark blue that will stand out. The trick to grab the viewers attention is the jumping princess who wants to get on the magic carpet..

The viewer will then help her get on the carpet and the carpet takes off and starts the game. Just by moving the mouse left to right, you have to prevent her from hitting the evil starts that represent the tough moments of a woman's menstruation process.

After a while, she will enter a white vortex to end the game and finally the whisper logo appears saying : Whisper, The experience you'll never forget!


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