Monday, 22 March 2010

I'm thirsty to help

Monday, 22 March 2010
In life, we are born into a family, we cry as a baby and get whatever we want then we grow up and just take everything we have , like it will come every other day. One thing that we have and most of the time we forget others don't is Water.

Water plays a big role in our live especially for our survival. We use it to cook we use it to then wash the dishes that contained our food. We use it take a shower and then make our clothes we put on clean and presentable for every new day. We drink it. It helps us live!

Some people out there don't get the same benefits to get what they want that easy. They dream of a nice shower like how we dream of becoming rich and living the dream. A simple dollar can help a kid have his dream of survival. A dollar that replenishes his life to 40 days.

We are all in this world as a family and what we have is there to be shared! Let's save what we can to donate a smile on the face a person somewhere.

Who says advertising can't be used for the good?


Unicef Tap water Project

Coca Cola Rain Project


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