Friday, 10 July 2009

People love People

Friday, 10 July 2009

Commercials nowadays have entered into the ''cupid arrow in the heart'' era! Every thing is not based on the brainwashing of the mind but on the touching of peoples' hearts or let's say soul! Starting from t-mobiles series of ads formed by a big bunch of people having loads of fun, either in a station or in a swimming pool. The main aim here is to tell people that having fun is cool! associating fun with their brand! What a smart idea! We all love FUN... So most of us will have t-mobile hiding in some part of out brain! The same techniques is used with Kamasutra which is linked to wild sex.. but actually to an indian: it's a path to reach enlightenment!

The new ad for Budweiser is linking a very famous band's song ( The beatles) to their famous Beer Brand! and how fun to add the sing-a-long in the commercial!

Let's all sing all together now!!

1,2,3, we all love Budweiser!

The video below shows how a big bunch of people can create a big excitement!


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