Friday, 26 June 2009

Viva the Legend

Friday, 26 June 2009

Today, i switched on the Tv to watch something interesting and to my face was bombarded the Breaking News of the sudden death of The king of Pop , Michael Jackson! A person who has opened many hearts of people around the world with the wonderful words he wrote in his songs to give us the courage to change this world we live in and make it a wonderful place! He was like my guru! A cool One who amazed me with his energetic dance moves and his mythical moon walk that i always try to imitate in front of his videos on MTV. I was getting close but no one could beat his special talent.

Everything for him went rocking up to the stars: Singing in the Jackson 5, Michael started his inspirational carrier in the music industry! A kind of boost for every one to follow their dreams! We all can achieve anything we really want!

The last years of his life, was kind of troubled: Convictions of sexual abuse, frequent visits to courts, health problems! Feeling a kind of rejected by the world and a sense of loneliness, losing most of what he had like his amazing ''Neverland'' theme park. No matter how old he got, His fun inner child never abandoned him, making him a memory , we will never forget!

People who have said words that have touched us in some way,
Will remain in the Heart forever!


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