Monday, 15 June 2009


Monday, 15 June 2009
Tradition plays an important role in the land of Pizza. Everything is passed from generation to generation. Beliefs, art workmanship and even how to make a yummy tomato sauce. I had an amazing time this weekend in Spello where flowers played the main character! The festival is called ''Infiorata'' and every year in this town, Teams of people get together: Young kids from under 14 to the older gang. Everyone competing to create an amazing piece of art on the ground that has to be colored by flower petals.2pm Saturday, Everything was supposed to start but since we're in the country where rules don't exist, the preparation for the flower petal art started at 4pm. Millions of curious people from all over, rushed into the small, quiet, medieval town to get amazed by the flower power effect!

How does it all start? The team prints the design on paper, sticks it on the road and piece by piece, the flower jigsaw gets completed ready for the judges at 8am on Sunday morning. Then after the Corpus Domini Mass, The Cardinal gets all excited to be the first to step on those wonderful masterpieces with the heart of Christ.

Flowers as paint? Let's see what flowers can do besides that...


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