Monday, 22 June 2009

Music In all we Do!

Monday, 22 June 2009
I have always been a big fan of my hand while some of my friends got wild with their high computer skills on design programs. They usually had rejects when it came to paper and pencil. Maybe due to the screeching sound it makes when the lead grates against the rough paper or maybe they just prefer the smooth feel of a Mac. Nowadays, i think people should return to their origins. No technology can replace the fun of drawing your own idea on a piece of paper and maybe later making it cooler with the help of technology. Like my wise dad always says: Don't let technology control but you control it!

During this year, One of our computer brief from Josh, our computer genius was to create a logo for a music agency called Artist Sounds. At the airport, waiting calmly at the check in queue while you see other people pretending they penguins trying to snuggle into the queue, i had this idea of linking Artistic Sounds to a guitar which was getting checked in. Guitar .. Music.. but how was i going to make it all work well together. After sketching down many ideas, I finally decided that the letter ''s'' of Sounds to undergo cheap brazilian surgery and become a sexy guitar.

Typography have feelings too! haha


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