Monday, 29 June 2009

Fly away from fakeland

Monday, 29 June 2009

There was a brief from Nike and i couldn't have not participated in it as 'Nike is Nike'. A powerful brand that has to do with sportive energetic quality. What did i have to do? Create an ad to advice Italians to support the brand and buy original shoes! Fake ones may look the same but nothing cheap is quality. You might be thinking what does a stork have to do with a sportive brand like Nike?

I thought that we should create an ad which was more colorful and that captures the attention of people around. We have a stork which instead of carrying a baby in its mouth, it has its favourite pair of original Nike shoes. Everything in the add seems surreal: the stork made out of circles and shoelace, the birds in the sky made up of the Nike logo faced back to each other. The shoe prints below symbolize the black illegal work used to make fake shoes and the bird ready to fly away from it with it's original shoes!

Quality + Satisfaction = Nike


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