Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Wild day in Londonz

Tuesday, 12 May 2009
I woke up this morning, 10 am, ate some breakfast and went to meet my new creative partner for our new project, Kathleen. We have to learn all about being a doorman and change his negative sides of his job into the best job 2009 !

At 12.30pm, i found myself on the train to london.. It was a wild day to remember! Explored some of London's FUN ness! (Obviously popin' in it some undercover work about London door people) Saw a hairy van on the road, Met an italian princess in Hamleys who actually comes a small miniature town near to my grannys house in Milan...

At 6pm, Kat & I were at the Premier of the movie ''Night at the museum 2" Holy mama!!! People like Ben Stiller and other wild Uk acting people shared my same piece of land for a few minutes .. Plus next to me was Brigette, The sexy pink sock puppet from Quebec bodyguarded by 2 friends! What else could i ask for?

Can't wait for visit to londonz No.2

Andalè !!!


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