Saturday, 30 May 2009


Saturday, 30 May 2009
Yesterday, i went to the library as my friend wanted to find some books, and i ended up bringing home a book i had always wanted to read. Lovemarks! A book i read about in some italian magazine, i found lying abbandoned on a train seat. Maybe it was a sign.. Adopt a magazine!!
I started reading this book and so far i have understood that the L word and i mean love, plays a big part in us Humans. Is it because we are just not getting enough of it or is it because we just desire having more and more ... like candy to the tongue?

Kevin Roberts states the 6 truths about LOVE:

1) Human beings need Love. Without it the die! (Solitary people tend to die faster than people who love love) Come on guys! Spread the love we got for all!!

2) Love means more than liking a lot. (It is a profound sense of attachment, You love it, You get it)

3) Love is about responding, about delicate, intuitive sensing. (Love needs 2 parts, without one everything evaporates)

4) Who & what we love. ( Love can be to anyone or anything. To a hamster, fruit, tree, family, friends and the list goes on)

5) Love takes time. ( With time, love gives us the meaning fo our lifes and who we are)

6) Love cannot be commanded or demanded. ( The more you give love, the more u get it) Partager!

Whenever we talk about love, especially us guys brought up to act cool and be tough, not many of us can define it cause we haven't experienced the fullness of it and until we don't want to experience it , we won't be able to share it with others! When you love yourself, then you will love others and when you love others you'll make sure they get the best they deserve. This too works in Advertising, When a customers feels that the brand is actually answering his needs then only will this brand get the loyalty from this person. So what i'm trying to say is.. Love can make you get anything!

Love LOve LOVE!


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