Friday, 24 April 2009


Friday, 24 April 2009

Every City has its charm but in order to admire this charm you got to appreciate it with calmness!! How many times have you tried to ask someone for some directions in a city, and they hardly even stop to tell you where it is? Where is the world going today? People have lost their peaceful moments just to get more MONEY MONEY MONEY!! which = MORE MORE STRESS!

Slow campaigns have their roots in the "slow food" movement which emerged in Italy in the 1990s among locals who feared their way of life was being rushed away from them by a "fast food" culture. Since then, the idea of "slow living" has spread -- slowly -- to other countries and other areas such as transport, arts, and leisure.

The Italian-founded Cittaslow program -- which sets criteria for its members to improve residents' quality of life while resisting the fast-lane pace of other cities -- now has networks of "slow cities" in Germany, Norway and Britain.
The Slow Down London festival begins today with what organizers say will be "a very sloooooow walk" across the river Thames, on Waterloo Bridge, in the heart of city, at rush hour.

Italian slowness guru Bruno Contigiani -- the director of an Italian organization called "The Art of Slow Living" -- will issue speeding tickets to anyone deemed to be pushing the pace.

Nice idea huh?


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