Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Crime of The Century Brief

Thursday, 26 February 2009

This brief seemed as if were were doing a criminal course but then ended up being full of fun and where creativity can get wild. It was called the "Crime of the Century". What we had to do was create a crime with the list of the 5 objects given to each student.

1) Packet of chips
2) Drawing Pin
3) Paracetamol Pill
4) Pencil Sharpener
5) Travel Brochure

The idea for the crime came funnily at a lunch i had with some nuns in Spello, Italy. We were on the table and the nuns were serving us those yummy holy food. I always wondered why nuns can cook so well? lol Then a fly was flying on top of the food and the nun kept on trying to hit it away and this strucked me as nuns, who always preach to do good were actually trying to hurt a fly who maybe might be hungry too..

Be good to flys!


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