Saturday, 5 June 2010

Peel me if you please

Saturday, 5 June 2010
Internet is something that keeps growing each day.. Thanks the the people who use it. We are the nutrients that keeps it growing but it looks like we've been overdosing our plant with too much info. Razorfish's new brief was to create awareness about how social networks nowadays know so much about us. Maybe from the amount of times we click the ''like'' button on the pics we like on Facebook or the kind of photos we wish the world to see..

The idea for my print ads was about telling people how easy we can easily strip someone naked with no more mystery to look forward to as people tend to share most of themselves on the net than they should. The ad plays with the concept of telling people to join to experience a whole new world with NO secrets!

The aim of the provocative ads is to grab the attention of many as sex sells and then create an awareness they will feel something for.

Sticker says:

Click here to find out more

With just a click, we can now find out everything we wish to know about anyone.
Join to experience a whole new world with NO secrets..


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